Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's official

Today has been our only day at home (meaning, no where to go and cleaning to do) in about 3 weeks! And I spent it cleaning my playroom! Literally almost all day, incredible what happens when you don't go in a room except to open a window occasionally! ha ha. Toys were everywhere, as well as bean bag filler which had been cleaned up (sort of) in june. This was to be my summer project, clean it up, get rid of toys and turn it into a tv room of sorts. Some friends told us they would give us their old couches and we have a small tv that we could put in there for now.......thought we could put up old movie posters and frames of different pix, like red would be a fun room. So yesterday, I skipped church. Now we have not been in town for weeks too go, but yesterday I flat out skipped it. I felt bad, but I needed some time at home before we take off again this week. While I was cleaning I was inspired to search thru our cans of paint and find something we can use to repaint the little kid playroom into a more adult space. I found some and in less than six years, I have officially re-painted every room in my house! I am tired today and I still have to steam clean the floors and find some bookshelves to hid the toys that will remain and tomorrow I have to go to the fair, then it is off for some camping fun with my family since my hubby is out of town for the week. I am a busy, productive lady.


Teresa said...

Way to go girl!!! I am in the "organize mode" myself and love that you took on the task and successfully completed it...painting and all!!! I am so impressed! You must show pictures when you get a chance! :)