Monday, August 18, 2008

this weekend

south falls

she loved this hike. she thought the waterfall was beautiful

our group headed down

the little ones. poor noah, all alone in a world of little girl cousins

but the big girl cousins love to make him laugh

another tatoo, but this one was a UofO duck.
ummmmm, what was carter thinking, we are beaver fans.

another fine camping adventure, except for the 100 degree temperature and feeling sticky and icky! ha ha. we went to silver creek falls with thad's family and had a great time. did a little hiking, although not much, when you sweat while sitting down, it is too hot! We survived though and it was a really great trip. Noah was tickled to death and tried to play football with the older boys, although I think he had more fun annoying them by taking the ball. The older girl cousins are so good to noah and watch out for him and tickle him and make him squeal. Syd ran around with her two cousins and they rode bikes, but mainly they held the new addition to our extended family......Paco the chihuahua. They fought over who could hold him next and I swear that poor dog never got to touch the ground. ha ha. We also had some amazing thunderstorms on saturday night that were literally right over our head. Thad and I were just about ready to make a run for our car, after realizing that we were sleeping on metal cots, when it started pouring down rain. It was pretty amazing to watch the lightening from our tent window. It was also pretty funny to hear the teenagers, which were up the hill from us, running around at 1am throwing their ran fly's on so that they did not get soaking wet. All in all a great time.


Teresa said...

OH what a wonderful idea for a can't go wrong with a duck! :) HAHA Looks like you had a good time and I can only imagine how amazing the t-storm was from your tent! AWESOME!