Monday, October 12, 2009

more hours

i am back to work again and really enjoyed the fact that my year only started with 2 hours a day.....although i really started getting bored after 3 weeks. but i have now increased my hours and am working 6 hours a day. so far it has been going really well. we know the routine, we survived last year as the first year that i went back to work and it was a good thing for the kids and i.

i did have to make a decision about applying for a permanent 5 hour job.....oddly enough that decision was super stressful for me. i guess that when it comes down to it, i still have the option to not work if i don't want to. if i had applied for that job and gotten it, it meant a for real, full time job. the odd thing is, is that i want to work. i enjoy my job. i enjoy being part of the work force again and contributing to our family finances. i want to work.

the issues of mommy vs employee played into the decision as well. my kids appreciate that i can come home from work with them. that we both get out of school at the same time. my kids are homebodies and they want to come home after school, have a snack, relax and finish their homework! and it mattered that both of my kids requested that i wait for a job that would allow that! i am still their mom, first and foremost.

fortunately, i received that in 4 hours of overload for the time being. i go to work with them and get off of work with them. it just works. so i am working full time. life is good. God truly does provide if we just put our trust in Him.