Monday, October 19, 2009

dear reality show contestants

please stop proclaiming in your intro videos that you are christians.....talking about your purity and your faith and all of these things that you feel like you need to put out into the reality universe. because here is what breaks the deal for me.............

when you use the Lord's name in vain while you are on the show.

so does that mean that you are a sometimes christian. because i don't recall a verse that says it is okay to use His name while yelling at your teammate. i am pretty sure it says to NOT, NOT, NOT take God's name in vain.

the other thing that irks me is when the cute little "christian" brothers proclaim loudly to the universe that they are christians.........but suddenly they turn to one another and say that last year they came out to each other!!! so what you are gay? and you felt it was important and part of your agenda to put the two together???

and it also upsets me when "christians" talk about karma or saying things like i am so mad i want to rip her head off right now????

i think that while you are on game shows you
should just model the walk, not talk some talk!!!


Jules said...

Yes! I had the exact same thoughts while I was watching that show!!