Wednesday, October 07, 2009

i am not preggers....but fun little sidetrack

i am constantly amazed at how the human mind works. it tells us when to eat, when to breath, when to sleep. amazing how something that is not even used to the fullest capacity can run our entire body.

i was sitting in a classroom today, just doing my job, gluing writing books together. when suddenly my mind says...........ummmmm why have i felt like i am going to be sick for the last couple of days? am i late????

now i know, know, know that i am going to be getting my monthly visit any day. i know this. but somehow as i sit their gluing together books, with nothing else to occupy my mind, it happens. i think like every other woman on the planet who has ever been pregnant.......................could i be pregnant????

again..........i am not. but for about 30 minutes (yes i sat there that long gluing) it was nice to daydream, let my mind wander to the possibilities. i saw the kids and their reactions, the impact to our family, the moment where we welcomed a new little one into our family.

maybe it was the fact that we have always wanted a third little person in our family. maybe it was that i was bored. maybe it was that every woman secretly, deep down really wants to experience that first moment where you feel the baby kick, when they get the hiccups, the first time you hold that newborn in your arms!

so my question to you......does anyone else ever do this?
am i alone in this daydream adventure?


Unknown said...

yes...I want to feel that first kick too! I am totally with u. ;)

Jules said...

I don't think you are alone in these daydreams. But when it does happen and you are really not ready for it - let me tell you, the daydreams are much more fun than the reality sometimes! :)

kim w. said...

that made my uterus ache and at the same time reminded me to take my b.c. pill!! ha ha
i daydream about it every day actually!!