Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Explosion Volleyball 2009

sydnie and her friends, ready for their first game

their super fun volleyball socks!

ready to play

almost, but not quite there

ready for the ball

sydnie had her first volleyball game this past saturday. she was a little apprehensive for the first game, but she really did a great job. she had been having some problems with her serve in practice, but she got several over the net and was excited. my favorite play was a bump that ended up being an assist for her friend. the whole crowd went wild and she turned to me and game me a slight shoulder lift....."like what just happened....i was trying to get it over the net...why is everyone cheering?"

so adorable. so we talked afterwards about how somethings in life don't even go the way we expect, just like the ball........but God can do amazing things with it when we are faithful! it ended up being a great life lesson, as well as a great volleyball play!


Teresa said...

LOVE the socks!!! :)