Tuesday, July 14, 2009

plucking 101

another day of vbs, another day that mommy gets to play!!! yesterday i had a friend stop by on her way home from dropping her daughter off at tadmor! lunch together and a chance to catch up made for a very nice morning....of course throw in some shopping and what more could you ask for.

this morning, my brilliant plan worked! i called up julanne and told her that she should bring the boys to vbs so that we could spend some time at coffee and getting a pedicure together!

so we leisurely drank our coffee, went to target and headed to our pedicure. it was heavenly. i love the hot parrafin dip that they do! then it happened............

"do you want me to do your eyebrows?"

as this little vietnamese woman leans over me to stare intently at my fading into existence eyebrows i stop and just stare at her for a moment. my eyebrows? are you kidding me? i barely have left and you want to wax them? i laugh to myself and explain that if i were to wax them they would stay red all day long and i would not be able to go anywhere (sensitive skin). i admit that my eyebrows are my last thought...i don't pluck regularly because they are so fair that i can barely see them........but apparently this woman thought they were a tad overgrown and visible!!! i politely declined and then julanne and i had a good laugh. so now i apparently have fading into oblivion eyebrows with a bit of an overgrown problem!! how does one handle that? oh the trauma that we women go through to look beautiful.