Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bonus, bonus, bonus

on our last day at the park we woke up finished our wand quest while thad and i enjoyed our starbucks!!! then we checked out and swam for about 4 hours, ate lunch in our car, then headed back into the arcade! i just need to state for the record that i hate arcades...what a waste of money, you usually don't earn enough coins to really "win" anything and what you do win is just a bunch of junk. but we were willing to give them the experience and have some fun while we were there. noah was down to his last 4 coins and we decided to play the bass game......he pulled the lever and it did not quite register, so i helped him out on the second pull.......jackpot baby!!!!
he got a 1,000 tickets........he immediately said he would share them with sydnie and he ran off to find her. i have never seen a little boy so excited. when it came time to pick out his prize, it was no question that he had to have the light up lightsaber! sydnie chose the GWL cup that was filled with goodies. a good time spent in the arcade!