Thursday, July 30, 2009

hot hot hot

i love the sun. i love the heat. i love to be around water in the heat! but for the last several days in good ol' oregon....we have been heatin' it up! 107 degrees in our beloved city. ummmmmmmmmmm........that is hot! thank goodness we have a/c. i have been hibernating in our house, not really wanting to go out. we ventured out on monday night to go to jamba juice. tuesday, took in Harry Potter and then went to a bbq. finally on wednesday when it hit 103 we went swimming. we only stayed for an hour, but i had the worst headache and by that evening the kids and i were on the couches complaining of stomachs and headaches! thankfully we all felt better this morning and we went swimming for the better part of the day today. loved it, but it was only 96 degrees today. i am glad that we are going to down into the low 90's now. thank goodness we made it through the record temperatures and our a/c did not break!!! and tonight i have the windows open with a great breeze cooling the house down!


Jules said...

Jamba juice makes every day better :)