Sunday, July 26, 2009

Penguin Cake

since we had a girl's weekend i decided it was the perfect time for her very first cake using fondant. she baked the cakes all by herself, colored the fondant, molded the figures, she even shaped the cake all by herself! she created a hill that the penguins could slide down into the ocean, then she rolled out the fondant and covered the cake. the finished project was better than i could have imagined! it really "takes the cake".

then she told me that she wanted to become an intern at charm city cakes, but that i would have to move across the country with her. it was okay if we left noah and dad here....just her and i could move. seriously, how cute is that. she had it all planned out, she would apply now and then by next summer she would be living out on the east coast plying her trade and learning more skills in order for her to one day open her own bakery!

her bff was in baltimore this past week visiting family and syd begged and begged her to go by CCC and take some pictures of the outside for her. can you say obsess much?

all in all it was a great weekend and an experience that she will not forget! thanks for the inspiration "CCC" we love your imaginations and creations!