Friday, July 10, 2009

cake examined

well here it all of it's glory, on a tupperware cake taker plate! but still here it is. it was amazingly good. super rich. too rich. but if you cut it in thinly sliced pieces and served it with milk....yummo! the sweetness might have something to do with the 2lb bag of powdered sugar that you make the frosting with. it eclipsed the cream cheese and overpowered the frosting. but overall a great party cake to make, especially if you like coconut! i think i will freeze the remains of the cake before we all gain an extra 5lbs. then pull it out later for a special treat. i wonder if it would be good with a fresh fruit drizzled over the top? maybe i should try that first!


Jules said...

looks yummy! those PW recipes can sure add the ounds for me?! I am trying the p.b. pie this week!

Rochelle said...

let me know how it is...i have the crust in my cupboard waiting until i have lost the 10lbs gained from this cake. ha ha