Tuesday, March 03, 2009

visiting with an old friend

this morning i reported to the courthouse with my starbucks, book, ipod, phone and bagel in hand. keep in mind that i have never done this before...new experiences are soooo cool. except when you sit in the basement for 4 hours with only a little bit of window too look through. he he.

anyway....so i walked in handed in all my paperwork and found out that my desperate email to defer had been accepted. i was not in the pool, but at this point i am already down there, so i just stayed to get it over with.

as i was searching for a seat i saw a familiar face in the crowd. a face that i had not seen in about 25 years. a face that had matured, like my dads. a face that was staring back at me, with a look of wonder? i sat down in front of this gentleman and i could feel him looking at me. it took me about 30 minutes to realize who it was and i approached him and asked if his name was roger. he replied yes and then i told him that i was dale's daughter. his old fishing buddy. his old camping buddy. i remember many camping/fishing trips with his family and the harris family. it was great to run into him again. to catch up. i called my dad, as he was on his morning walk break and told him that i was stuck in a room with roger. he said "tell him i said hi" that was it, that was all....except to ask if roger was going fishing with him and ken this spring. my dad, not a phone talker. good to see a face from the past.

you never know who you are going to run into at any given moment. it ended up being an interesting morning after all.