Thursday, March 05, 2009

i got leia'd

tonight was our PTA auction for our school. it was a great night, so much fun. the theme was a luau in paradise and it was decorated to the hilt. when i arrived i was greeted and received a leia and found our table. now here is the best part of the whole evening. my dear friend noel greeted me and told me to take off that fake plastic leia, because she had bought us fresh hawaiin leia's that had been shipped in just that morning. it was beautiful and amazing. i am so blessed to have such thoughtful amazing friends.

it really was an excellent eveing: we were served a fabulous meal and took in some hula from our fabulous teachers. several of us bought a table together and made a night of it. i bid on a couple of things, not too much considering our budget. i did win a lunch for noah with his teacher and a trip to a local coffee shop. i did not win noah's basket, but the woman who won it told me that i could have the quilt in it. that is all i really wanted anyway. the quilt is handmade and each child drew a picture of their favorite family road trip. it is adorable.

(noah's square on the quilt)


Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful night! How awesome to have real leia!!! NEAT! I love Noah's block, he did a wonderful job. :)