Friday, March 06, 2009

spoke too soon....

this evening after upward closing ceremonies a group of us from noah's bball team and from our auction table the night before, went out for ice cream. it was a great wrap up to a great year of upward and good friends.

as we were standing there both of my kids asked for another cone, because apparently they both felt that they needed more sugar. of course i said no. but then about 10 minutes later sydnie walks up and asks me what age she needs to be in order to order a two scoop ice cream cone? i of course don't think and reply that when she is double digits that means she can order a two scooper sometimes. well of course she immediately realizes my mistake and says " so that means in december i can order two scoops?"

oh no, what have i done? i was not even thinking when i said double digits, because in my mind she is still that cute little two year old eating ice cream for the first time, with gobs of it running down her arms and chin. that look of satisfaction when you reach the cone, the look of disappointment when you reach the last bite! she will forever be that in my mind, not a double scoop, double digit girl!


Teresa said...

WOW! 10?!? Really?!?! Where does the time go. I fear that I will be writing a similar post before I know it. I guess out parents knew what they were saying when they said "it goes so quickly"! For Sydney's sake I say bring on the double stack! :)