Monday, March 02, 2009

Jury Duty

WOW......i am a little shocked right now. i actually have to report for jury duty tomorrow. i guess that the third summons is a charm. i being the responsible adult that i am, did not pick up my mail last week as i was running kids to dr's appts and urgent cares and basically just trying to survive. so my jury summons sat in my mailbox for a week, waiting to see the light of i am sure the mailman cursed me everytime he opened my box to fill it with more stuff. he he.

so needless to say that i did not get my summons until saturday afternoon. hum. i was pretty much stuck. i could not defer. i had to plan on going. but in my naive little mind, i thought, i will not report. i have never had to report. WRONG! so monday night i called in like a good little juror and found out that i was indeed going to go to the courhouse.

i scrambled to find childcare for my kids and then i moaned and complained for most of the night that i would have to ride a city bus downtown and home again! i eventually convinced my dear man to drive me downtown and drop me off with a stop at stabucks along the way. so wish me luck, hopefully i will be out by 10am and still get to go to work for some of the time.