Friday, March 06, 2009


did anyone else see this news story today?
i finished reading it and thought to myself is that really something that he needed to share with the world and his millions of teenage fans. i am sure that he feels like he needs to break out of the "kiddie" roles, but why do it in such a way that could influence little kids? i was seriously disappointed with his choice to spread the word of his choices.


Amy said...

For crying out loud!!! Fabulous role models for our children. I say we pack our kids up in a box and don't let them out until they are 30...haha just kidding! So many things we have to be diligent about...even from the most unexpected places.

kim said...

Wow!! no words, just wow!!

Teresa said...

My questions is....why would people care about a story like that??? They must publish it for a reason. So sad! When I was reading it all I could think of was "who cares" where is the point??? It is sad that stuff like this is printed and then teens or younger read it and think talking like that and/or acting like that is "cool". Thanks for sharing!