Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50 hundred millions pounds!

that is the phrase my daughter used to describe the amount of stress that she feels on a daily basis! wow....that is a lot of stress. you all know my precious adorable high strung daughter. i love her, but that girl has got to learn to chill a little. she quite frequently has stress issues and we have been working with her to teach her how to handle that stress and tackle one project at a time, rather than looking at the whole picture and becoming overwhelmed. she has really gotten so much better at the whole thing.

now if i could just teach her not to make lists for everything she has to do in a day. lol. like mother, like daughter. i secretly love lists. thinking of all the things you have to do and then listing them all out takes a huge bite out of the stress of everything that needs to be done. but the real benefit comes with actually sitting down and crossing off something that you have completed and when the list is all gone.........wow!!! but i digress again, this post is about syd.

on saturday we had spent a great day with friends in pdx, watching an upward league up there. then syd got to go to justice and spend her gift card! she was so happy, she had held onto that card for almost 3 months. i thought she had an awesome day, but once we got home and tucked into bed.........the breadown occured.

she was crying and would not stop, when i finally asked why she was so upset she informed me that it was the weight of stress. hum??? of course i am thinking, what stress? she finally speaks up and tells me that it is the stress of having a little, annoying brother that makes her feel like she is under 50 hundred millions pounds of stress. i secretly laugh, because i had a little brother....i know how this whole thing works. at least it was not school or something more tangible that was stressing her out. just her annoying little brother.