Friday, February 08, 2008

wii would like to play

So I have to admit that I am the video game addict in our family. Blame it on my brothers old atari, but I love it. It could suck the life out of me, so we have not gone there yet. We have our old, old Nintendo 64 that we pull out and play together as a family. The kids love watching us get a ton of stars in the old Super Mario! But let's face it the graphics are not the same, but it is still super fun to play together.

This fall we debated on purchasing a wii for Christmas. We played it at my brothers house and loved it, but could not decide if our kids were old enough. We actually had one in our hands and decided not to get one and we even had the money saved for it. I know kids alot younger than ours have them, but we really want to keep them young while they are young. Plus my son would play it obsessively, especially if he had star wars lego. We would have to find one big timer to place in front of him to regulate how long he could play.

We decided after Christmas if we still had the money for one we would decide if we really wanted one. Now we cannot find one anywhere. I have stood in line for the lottery draws, I have called everyday to find one at a bazillion different stores and nada. I even entered PW random draw yesterday to win a wii and guitar hero, because in my opinion there is no better combination! Although mario party 8, star wars, HSM sing a long and so many other games look like so much fun.
Maybe I will get lucky (because that did not happen in any of the lotteries) and the people at nintendo will read this blog and decide that we really need one and suddenly a wii and guitar hero will show up on our door step.
HELLLOOOO, back to reality! Maybe, just maybe with any luck we will find one sometime in the next 50 years. Wish me luck!


Teresa said...

How crazy! You would think that they would be back in stock now....Christmas was almost two months ago. Good luck! I think guitar hero looks super fun!

imacootie said...

Hey, talk to Melissa! Her sister Marci works at Target and she's been pretty good at finding when they are in stock and making a quick phone call! Good luck! It is so fun and totally worth it! I love the Raving Rabbids game. =)