Friday, February 15, 2008


a year of growth looks good on sydnie. she is a first born thru and thru. she has things that bug her, like:

socks not being lined up on her toes
does not like jeans
likes soft cotton clothes
has to always wear a belt, even with sweats
does not like tight clothes
has to have her bed made before she can get dressed
has to have her hair dry b4 she will get dressed

she has a bit of ocd in her, but we have been working for years to help her control her tendancies. I used to think it was so cute when she would line her little puppies up all in a row before she would go to bed. Now I see it for what it was and I can still appreciate it. She is who she is. She is still a beautiful little girl and someday these tendancies will be to her benefit, but in the time in between it takes a lot of patience and teaching. Some people do not do well in dealing with her, they get impatient and don't treat her so nice. Some people understand what is going on and work with her. Her teacher this year is one of later. She has been the greatest influence and encouragement to syd this year. I cannot tell her thank you enough. Syd has flourished this year. She has made a bunch of good friends. She has matured a ton.

At the beginning of the school year we searched all over for a pair of jeans that syd would wear...this has been an issue for us in the past (the not wearing). So over the course of the last 5 months we have slowly worked our way into wearing jeans. A couple of hours here and there, but the other day while she was getting dressed I asked if she would wear her jeans to school. She did not argue, she just put them on!!! (just asking used to bring about 1 hr screaming fits)!

So she wore the jeans to school...of course she counted how many girls in class were wearing jeans that day. but she made it through the whole day and then this morning..........

she put them on all by herself, no asking, no begging, no crying.........she wore them to school again! She told me that she put them on to impress me! She wanted to show me that she could wear them without me asking her to! WOW....that is some cool kid.


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This is one of those special moments that needs to be recorded! How fantastic to see her growing and maturing! For me, little moments like this mean the world ! Way to go syd! Who knows maybe she will become a SAHM and wear jeans every day :) HAHA