Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am so excited that one of my favorite books has started filming...here in Oregon. I was super pumped to see pix on the authors site of her with the cast and how she thinks oregon is going to be a beautiful setting for her book.
At the end of the summer I started Harry Potter books again and finished those and felt lost...I had nothing engaging to read. Then my friend told me about this series that was really popular with young adults, she had not read it yet, but when she did she would tell me about it. Needless to say she read it in one weekend, brought it in for me to read and during Noah's birthday weekend, amongst all the parties, wrapping paper and cake...I read. I read until late into the night, woke up at 6am because I could not get my mind off edward and bella.
Itold my friend I was addicted and that I was so thankful that she had told me about these books. I ran right out and bought all three books. If you have not heard of them yet..........it is a series of books about a young teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. It is beautifully written, engaging and full of wonderful character development. I hated vampires as a kid...they terrified me. So to read this was such a breath of fresh air, how she describes them is breathtaking.
My friend and I were joking around that we should go to the extras casting call last weekend...we thought we could certainly pass as one of the teachers in school. I wanted to be the school secretary that Edward sweetalks. But I will say that I am tempted to find out where they are shooting and just go check it out!! How fun would that be. I am super pumped about the cast. I love the girl they cast as Victoria...she is perfect and her name is rachelle!! I am very curious to see who they cast as Jacob, because he is so engaging and has such a huge impact in the second and third book.
The only bummer about this whole experience is I have to wait until August to get my hands on the fourth book. I think I will have reread them soon. The thing I love about these books is that they translate from young to old and they are still engaging, witty and wonderful. If you want to learn more here is Stephanie's website... http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight_movie.html
The story on how this novel came to be is amazing and super cool.


Teresa said...

I have had two other people tell me about these books but I can't get over the idea of enjoying a vampire book...not my cup of tea. I think I might give it a try soon, since I can't stop hearing rave reviews from everyone who has read them. :) Thanks for the info! I will let you know if I break down and read them :)

Bree said...

OK Randa has been telling me about these books too and I just laughed..Vampires? they freak me out and I couldnt understand how you guys liked these books..I finally broke down and borrowed it on Friday, I was done so fast! It was such an awesome book!!! wow. Now I see what the hype is about! My hate for vampires sure has changed!! hahaha if you find out where they are filming I will go! :) heehee