Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thank u aunt shell

We had the extreme joy of having a play date all day with cousin ryen on monday and boy did we have fun. That little cookie is the smartest, precocious, adorable little kid out there! She is awesome. The kids had a blast with her on the trampoline, playing playdoh and riding in the little jeep. She has been on our trampoline many times and we have system to keep her kids have to sit down while she jumps and then she sits while they jump. Ryen would jump and imitate the big kids and try and land on her bottom....she would land, stand up , throw her hands in the air and say..."i'm okay aunt shell". I laughed everytime.
I will admit that I bribed her and told her if she took a good nap I would get her some ice cream. So she slept, a little, and we took off for basketball practice and mcdonalds. I pulled up to the window after I had ordered and just about fell out of my car when they handed me this ice cream cone as big as she was!!! Her eyes got real big and she squealed with excitement. She took that first lick, then another, then another....she looked at me with the biggest most adorable eyes and said "thanks aunt shell". Then after every lick, she would yell...."thank u aunt shell" Melted my heart it was so cute!


Teresa said...

What a cutie pie!!! I love being an Aunt, it is all the fun without the "other" stuff! :) I have one of my nephews for 9 days starting next week...we will see if I say this after next week :) HAHA Seriously, I can just picture her cute little face licking and licking the life out of that ice cream! :)