Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Can we talk Lost for just a moment. I do love this show. I love the character driven plots, the character development, the redemptive quality to the show. I love that on the island they get to be what they were not back home. They get to step up and be a leader, be good, be an action taker, be a hero. I love that the co-creator is still involved and has an end to reach and you can see that they are still following that path.

I love trying to find all the little extras that they place in their for fans. I love that people go ape on the message boards over something that really has no significance. I have to say that this year I was highly anticipating the premier...I could not wait to see more flash forwards, which is brilliant....because we had almost got to the point where we knew their back stories, now we are eager and waiting for what happens in the future. I really did not care to know the 4 new characters (the rescue crew) stories, but the sayeed episode brought me back to feeling the love.
I am vested in this show. I love terry o'quinn. loved him alias. glad that they wrote this part for him.

I do not spend alot of time reading posts and playing all the games (find 815). I have kids that demand my time, but for a day or two after the show has aired I will look at the boards and see what people are saying and see if there was something I missed.

At least it gives me something to be happy about. I love a good mystery. I love the overall mythos of this show and I cannot wait to see where it ends.