Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Fortune Cookie

Last night the family was watching a "how it was made" and they were showing how fortune cookies were made, it was really interesting and scary how much sugar is in those little things. I have a fondness for those lucky little suckers. Once during cheerleading camp someone brought a huge bag full and we gorged ourselves on fortune cookies. It must have been all the sun, workouts and spirit in the air, because they had never tasted so good.

But the real reason I love fortune cookies is because about 12 years ago Thad and I had just started dating and went to our favorite chinese restauraunt in beaverton with Thad's family. That evening we were still exploring how we felt about one another...did we want to continue with this or was it not something that we saw in our future. Towards the end of the meal we received our cookies. Thad broke his open, read his fortune and turned red. He would not look at me for quite awhile. I could not figure out what on earth he had read. It took the rest of the evening for him to tell me what it was that had freaked him out so completely! He showed me the fortune.......Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.

We both thought it was romantic and fun, so we kept the fortune. Two weeks later we had dinner at a different restauraunt with some friends. We shared lots of laughter and good food and got to the end of our meal and received our cookies. I opened my cookie and read the fortune inside......Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.

Seriously...........I am not making this up. I think that pretty much sealed the deal for us, well not really, but it is a really cool story to tell our kids! So that is our story of the ultimate fortune cookie fortune. So next time you crack open the sugary goodness, take a moment and read what the future has in store for you.


Teresa said...

That is a SUPER cute story!! It sounds like it is straight out of a chick flick! :) CUTE,CUTE,CUTE!!!!

buhtafly said...

that is so sweet! well thats one way to know you were "meant to be!" now I want to know- did you save them? hehe