Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a way to spend an evening

last night we had our little family movie night....the kids eat this up. we also have game nights, but movie nights include pizza and some type of treat. we decided to watch night at the museum, again.......the kids loved it. i was laughing at how excited they were about rexie. we also had rootbeer floats.........nothing better. they are so funny about these nights. they have to pick the perfect movie, although sydnie wanted to watch high school musical and i had to explain that daddy would not be able to sit through the entire movie, so she moved on. if i tell them too early in the week that we are doing it, they will drive me crazy about picking out the movie and i now tell them the day of, works out better for all of us. i think this was the perfect kickoff to a great mothers day weekend, which hopefully includes some alone time for mom...although sydnie asked if she could take me out to coffee in the morning....just me and adorable is that. hope you all have a great weekend.