Monday, May 14, 2007

the good stuff

so yesterday morning i heard the whispers of "lets make mom breakfast in bed' so i dutifully stayed in bed to watch a movie while my family "suprised" me. A while later in charged noah with a big smile on his face and sydnie ran in and jumped on the bed, while thad carried the plate and coffee. I am saying thank you when i hear sydnie say "i cannot wait to grow up and be a mom, just like my mom" and i think to myself, oh good i have not completely messed her up...she still wants to have kids. As i look at the amazing plate of food i see that instead of hashbrowns and i have a lovely assortment of tater tots with ketchup on my plate...thad could not find the hb's. Seriously good stuff there. Only a dad would cook those up for moms day.