Monday, May 07, 2007

Scottsdale AZ

Look at that cactus!!! Did you know that this cactus is probably 400 years old...they only grow about 2-4 inces a year.

Sedona - beatiful red rock and a little bit of rain

more sedona pix...from the chapel on the hill.

montezuma's castle...these are cave dwellings from hundreds of years ago..pretty interesting stuff.

we had a great time in scottsdale. we hung by the pool. ate really well. had a fantastic spa treatment. the spa was fantastic..eucalyptis steam room, waterfall room, rooftop pool and utter relaxation. we got to go out to morton's steakhouse the last night...holy cow. that is good stuff. we had about 8 appetizers(lobster, crab, smoked salmon, scallops, 2 different shrimp dishes) and then we each ordered a salad, steak, vegetables and a desert...they literally had to roll us out of there. good thing we were not paying...that would have cost us a mortgage payment. all in all it was a great weekend. we drove to sedona and jerome on saturday..were literally were snowed on!!! can you believe that, in arizona. i am so thankful that thad and i were able to get away together....just the two of us.