Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Graduate

I have a kindergartner.....look at him. He has grown up so much in this last year. He was so funny yesterday morning, he wanted to dress up for his he picked out his "handsome" shirt (that is what he calls it). He was more excited about the ceremony being over so he could get his gift, than actually graduating. He was counting down the days this week in preparation for this day. He knew that once this day was over he would be in kindergarten. So funny how their little minds work. He was very proud of himself yesterday. His teacher picked out a character trait for each of the kids and Noah's He knows all there is to know about Star Wars and if you don't know it, he will tell you. I knew she was going to get SW in there see we have had many talks about noah's desire to only talk about SW. I just about fell out of my chair laughing, it was the perfect compliment for him.


Bree said...

congrats !!!! He looks very handsome :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell Noah that he looks oh-so-handsome in his handsome shirt!