Tuesday, May 01, 2007


the force is strong in this one!

making a sign really worked....he was the first one chosen

gotta love princess ears

it's a pirate!

What a fantastic vacation. we are all exhausted, we hit the park every morning at 8am and didn't leave until it was dark outside. The kids did such a good job, they never complained and they walked everywhere. The lines were great, we walked right onto pirates the first morning (twice). I took sydnie to ariel's grotto and we all ate at the blue bayou. We met a bunch of characters and they each bought some pins to do some trading with (which we never did). I will say that it was super hard to get really good shots, because you are constantly going. I did take a few posed ones, but everything was just okay. Noah's highlite was being chosen for the jedi training academy. He fought darth vader and could not stop grinning the rest of the day. Sydnie loved the roller coaster in california....screamin'. Good times. Cannot wait to go again.