Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh little brothers.........

we have officially entered the pesky little brother phase. I have noticed over the last year when sydnie would have someone come over to play noah would be right there...begging to play too. I just thought it was interesting, but now I see it's true nature...the little brothers attempt to drive his sister crazy. The last week I have heard this sentence so many times I could scream "mom, he's copying me!!" Noah loves to get under sydnie's skin and he can do it so easily because sydnie likes things just so.....he is going to have a blast in the years to come. And it is so hard to keep a straight face while he is doing it or to actually pull him aside and talk to him. Sydnie reacts every time the way her wants her a lot of work to do with her. This morning I was in the shower and she came running in to tell me he was copying...I looked at her and once again said "ignore him and he will stop" Two minutes later I heard the screams. I love being a parent. I know I just had a vacation without the kids, but I am ready for another one!!!