Friday, June 02, 2006

Normal Doesn't Live Here

okay you think I am kidding, but it is so true. the only thing that we know around our house is drama!!!!!!!!!!!! (like the drama) so this morning i walked Sydnie to school and we get into her classroom and i look at her neck which is completely red and nasty looking. her teacher comes over and we decide she is having a reaction to her antibiotics, we head to the school nurse which informs us we need to go to the doctors immediately. we head home and jump into the van to head to whichever doctor will take her, pediatric or ENT. on the way there are repeated questions...can you still breath okay, swallow fine, does it itch at all? all of which sydnie answers with the "mom, i feel fine really." finally one of the doctors calls back and says to stop her antibiotic now (which does not help the dose she took this morning) and continue to watching her throughout the day. holy cow, nothing can just be normal (hey i am going to take my meds for tonisilitis and be just fine). the whole house cannot stay well enough to even just like each other right now. drama finds me wherever i go. there is no way around it. I just want a little dose of normal...that is all a woman wants. I just want days of laundry and cleaning and cooking...not running to docs offices and making children take antibiotics. The good news about all of this, is we saw the doc yesterday (which of course this did not happen then) and he said sydnie will not have to have her tonsils our right now, but sometime in the future she will. so at least we don't have a surgery looming in our future.