Friday, June 16, 2006

A Piece of History

It is not often that our children think of the liberties that we have in this country. They take for granted all of the "things" that they can do and own. But today I took the kids to tour a couple of WWII bombers (B24/B17) that were sitting out at the airport. We had seen them flying last night, but you could actually walk thru them and take pictures. What an important piece of our heritage as Americans....something that every child should have the opportunity to witness and show respect for. I had to explain to the kids what these bombers did and what they meant to us as americans in WWII. They had a hard time showing respect, because they are kids they wanted to run and play and noah was fascinated with the machine guns. It was amazing to see how tiny these planes actually are inside. They are such huge machines that carried such brave airmen, but to be in one and picture the men trying to run around inside, it was overwhelming. I only hope that one day my kids can look back at the pictures and remember that they had the chance to walk through these amazing pieces of history and that they will remember and honor the men and women who fight for our freedom everyday. To check out more about these planes visit: