Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dune Adventures

This is a tale of 15 awana kids who went on a sand dune adventure. This was the year end trip all the Truth and Training kids who finished their books this year. We took them to Florence to ride the miles and miles of dunes on the oregon coast. We piled into a converted bus dune buggy and off we went. Now let me say this was not the fastest ride out there, but we did have a great time. The little kids who came with mom and dad enjoyed every minute and loved to see the motorcycles and atv's poppin' wheelies. There was lots of yelling and screaming and begging to go down the big hills. My son sat there yelling and punching his fist up into the air everytime an atv went by us and at one point he was humming the theme to star wars very loud, that must mean he was ultra excited. My daughter said to me afterwards that we should invite grandpa to go and ride the fast one that was catching air as it came off the dunes. What a little daredevil. It was a great day and I am so glad that we got to tag along for the ride.