Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy Weekend has been a crazy weekend. I had a garage sale on friday. Had a decent turn out and earned a little extra cash. My girlfriend came over and hung out all day...the boys played so well together that we hardly knew they were there. My daughter lost her third tooth this weekend and the next one is hanging on by a thread. I spent the rest of the weekend in portland scrapbooking with a friend. We scrapped from morn to night (1:30am) and only left the house once. I was still in my jammies at 3:30pm, how great is that? it was a weekend of good laughs, good food, not a lot of sleep and good conversation. Sunday afternoon we packed up early and met the rest of the gang at Chevy's for lunch. This is a group of friends that has been going strong for 12 years. We got to know each other in different ways, but eventually all landed in a care group together and started monthly Olive Garden meals together. We saw each other through boyfriends, job changes, engagements, marriages, babies and moves. Even though we are now scattered (belgum, colorado, salem and portland) we will always remain friends. This photo is missing krista ,our ex-pat friend maybe I should photo shop her into the picture! Thanks for the memories gang....OG lives forever!!!

Friends make memories...the heart preserves them