Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Really Pumped

Okay so I was on Jamie Waters blog tonight and she posted about Spirit West Coast, which they were at handing out flyers about her husbands DVD - Angel Wars. If you have a son you have got to check these out. It looks right up Noah's alley and it has a positive and biblical message. Need to find one so I can check it out.....maybe the lightsaber noises will go away for awhile! Here is the link for http://www.angelwars.com/

Just reading about Spirit West Coast made me nostalgic for when I used to go to Jesus Northwest. Good times had there....early-90's. But it was so much fun. Got introduced to some great new bands (at the time) and it was always fun. If you notice the cross necklaces that we have on...the first year we went this kid was making these to pay his way thru college. He was there for years and you can still buy them in several christian bookstores in the area. Crosses by Brian. I still have mine, never wear it, but good memories attached to it. I was just sorting thru pix this morning for a scrapping weekend and thought I would post some "great" pix. No kidding about the hair ladies, okay maybe a little.