Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pieces of Home

So I took the kids down to my parents house yesterday for a little R&R...we all needed to just hang out with a little TLC comin' our way. It is funny how sometimes you visit your home and become nostalgic for the things you remember most about what the house was when you were growing up. I was struck that someday these things that I know, will not be here...the house will be the same, but the things that make it up will be gone. So I had fun taking some photos of things that when I think of my parents house, say welcome. My dad loves to garden and growing up we always had a huge garden in the back, now my kids get to help grandpa plant the garden and tend to it throughout the summer. The boat is a reminder of all the camping and fishing trips we took as kids....but it doesn't run anymore. The windmill is a fairly recent addition, something they purchased on their 30th wedding anniversary.

I also took some of my dad's photos that he had taken with his Nikon SLR...beautiful photos of flowers and animals in their yard, and put them in an album for them to look at thru the winter. My dad took some amazing photos but my favorite was one of his pear trees.....I mean it looked like a postcard. I had fun devoting one full page to the animals that visit...deer, rabbits, quail, and woodpeckers....so cool. I told him he needed to practice some more and we could add more pages later.

Great weekend!!! Much needed escape and a chance to remember family.