Wednesday, May 24, 2006

rain rain come and play

It is no suprise that it rains alot in oregon...the weird thing is my kids do not like to play in the rain. They never have, even though they have rain boots and umbrellas and rain jackets. But this week it has been pouring down rain and suddenly my son decides that his camoflauge umbrella is super cool and he wants to walk in the rain. Next thing I know the kids are outside in flip flops with their "cool" umbrellas running around in the rain. I of course think of the awesome scrap pages I could make so I ran and got the camera. The shots are not fantastic, because I was thinking of all the times when I was a kid and played in the rain and mud. My brother and I would be covered from head to toe in mud, but we were always so happy. Maybe I will have normal kids!!! (he he) Of course they were cold when they came in to change and they sat down to a warm bowl of soup, just like out of a campbells commercial. I think I will stay inside in the warm, cozy house and play on my computer...oh how times change.