Friday, May 26, 2006

frustrated when I started this blog, my daughter had been diagnosed with mono (see 10 days post) but as it turns out after five hours spent in doctors offices, she really had tonsillitis, periabsess tonsillitis. So after 8 doctors visits, we finally got to go to an ENT who put her on antibiotics and we have to revisit next week to determine if the tonsils have to be removed. Now to top it all of I had to take my son in today and he has strep throat!!! I am super frustrated that doctors do not listen to what you are telling them. as a mother we know when there is something wrong with our child....not just a virus!!!! I was treated poorly for trying to protect my daughter and sons health, by "professionals" who are there to "help" you. Because the doctors didn't listen to me a month ago when I told them it just did not seem like a virus or why did they not prescribe and antibiotic when they claimed she mono and tonsillitis the first time, Sydnie may have to have her tonsils removed. That means that my beautiful, sweet 6 year old will have to go under the knife. WOW....I am mad. Good place to vent...gotta let it go and move on, because I will just keep getting madder and madder which is not going to do any good. I just know now that when we go to the doctors office I need to know and question everything that they are saying and doing. Sad state of healthcare. Well it's time to go serve antibiotics to the kids. Have a great weekend.