Sunday, December 16, 2007


Another year of partying!!! This year our theme was baseball and we had 16 kids at our house!!! HOLY COW it was loud. They were all really good kids and they even helped pick up before they left. Lots of lightsaber fights and a little round of wiffle ball in the back yard. They had a blast trying to get the pinata open, it finally fell off the string and Thad ripped it open. Lots of screaming and a big sugar rush came after that.
This was the first year that I did not go all out. I had nothing planned except the pinata and lots of playing. It worked out really well. I was actually able to just visit with friends. Noah was super excited all day and literally was counting down the time until his friends got here. I did notice that once he had opened his presents he wanted nothing to do with playing...he just wanted to open the gifts up and play.
I asked him what his favorite gift was and he first said his bumblebee transformer, then it was his new webkinz, but he finally decided his favorite gift was this picture frame his sister had made him with his picture inside. cute is that. What a little softie. He has such a tender spirit and worships that ground that Sydnie walks on. SO CUTE.
Now we are into recovery mode here...lots of playing with new gifts today and we already logged his frog into webkinz and set up a whole new lily pad room for it. he named it hip hop. now he is building legos and I am ready to take a nap. ha ha. Another year down, another year of good memories.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Noah!
Aunt Leslie and All
(remembering your birth day when we all held you, that little itty baby, in the hospital...)