Sunday, December 30, 2007


Birthday girl

a little kitten to pet

a cute little puppy - cousin ryen


a new she has 7!

a new nintendo ds

A birthday at the pound...seriously. we found out that the humane society does birthday parties and sydnie was over the top excited to go there. they have this fantastic playroom and they do the craft, goodie bags and you get to tour the facilities. The girls loved it. They thought it was the best thing ever. They are second graders who all really love animals, so it was perfect. Sydnie did not even beg me to bring an animal home!!! She of course was spoiled to death with presents and even got a new nintendo ds...something we as her parents had been putting off, but grandma decided it was okay! She got three new many does one little girl need? Her friend has 11, so I think she is shooting for that many. She had one friend stay the night and she is still here this afternoon. might as well make a day of it. they went to target today to spend christmas/birthday money together. I heard them chanting about how much they liked cute. How time flies when your beautiful little girl is growing up. She is the best thing ever..................


Teresa said...

What a super cute idea!!! I can't believe she is 8...where does time go?? It looks like they all had a blast! Here is to another great year Sydney!