Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This morning as we were coming home from dropping off his big sister....

noah: "she always wants a hug from me."

mom "who?"

noah: "ailany, she just always comes over for a hug from me"

mom: " you think she has a crush on you?"

noah: "she hasn't said that, but I am thinking she does"

this just cracked me up because we seem to have a little romancer on our hands. He has been telling all of the girls that he has a crush on them and trying to hug them....even second graders!!! I told him that he can't tell the girls he has a crush on them...then they will run away screaming. He just has to keep it to himself or tell his mom!!! ha ha. We could be in for a fun couple of years with this little guy.


Teresa said...

Too funny!!! Hopefully he follows your suggestion and just tells his mom :)