Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Recap

lots of this...presents and fun

what a beauty

lots of family time...they are almost to big to fit on his lap anymore.

just the four of us

thads family and a huge collision that resulted in a bloody nose

a happy little boy with his lego castle

Another Christmas done and gone and it has taken me forever to write about it. We opened our gifts here with the kids on Christmas eve morning....sydnie opened her camera and i think just about had a heartattack...the only thing she could say was oOOOOOOOOO. Noah of course loved his legos and we spent the rest of that morning playing games and building legos. Then we headed down to my parents house for the evening. We had our traditional pizza and games. but this year we had the kids put some reindeer food (some oats, glitter and sprinkles) out for santa. Noah went crazy. He told us he was going to stay up all night to wait for santa and then while we were outside he swore that the "big shiny light" up in the sky was santa so we needed to hurry and get the food on the lawn. He kept checking the sky and watching for santa every few minutes. Then he told us in no uncertain terms that he had just saw santa and that he was on the way here. of course when we told him that santa only will come if the kids are sleeping, he wanted to go to bed right then! So cute. Sydnie had fun with it as well, but noah just believed.
The next morning the kids woke up and noah was so excited that santa had come to visit. we started off our morning with a wonderful breakfast and then started opening gifts. Noah could hardly stand to wait...he has been really anxious this year and a little annoying with the whole present thing. The kids were super excited when cousin ryen showed up in her pjs...they thought that was cool. They seemed to really love all of their gifts from grandma and grandpa. They each got a pair of heelys. which sydnie decided she did not want, if falling was involved!!! haha.
Once we had eaten and packed it was time to head back up to our neck of the woods for thad's family christmas. we ended up having our celebration at a local church this year and it was fantastic. there are so many of us and lots of older kids that need something to "do" we had so much fun and the only issue of the night was a major collision with sydnie and her cousin and syd ended up getting a bloody nose. But she recovered and ended up having a great time with her cousins. She got another webkinz and noah got this amazing lego set from grammie. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.