Friday, December 21, 2007


Dear mom and dad...

I miss u guys. why did u have to fly across the continent. i need my own house to sleep in, my kids to run after, i need my mom to hold me tight and spoil me and my dad to bark at every night. don't get me wrong, this house im at now is okay. i mean they have a dog to play with and a cat to chase and two kids to terrorize and the dad to bark at (ha ha ha). I do get to sleep pretty much wherever I want because I have this mom suckered into doing whatever I want to do. I just give her that cute face, the one were I look like a teddy bear and she will let me sit on her lap.

I overheard the mom and dad here say that I have two more weeks here.....i think i can make it as long as i know that u are having fun and that i get to come home to my family once this is over. so for now, i will say see ya soon...............think of me often.

much love, chewie


Teresa said...

That is the cutest little doggie!!! Thanks for sharing!

Bree said...

ahh Chewie is cute!