Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am still here

i have been sucked into the vortex of PTA and Webkinz. I am gone all the time doing PTA stuff....(seriously did not think it would be this much work) and then when I get home from that I just sit around and play webkinz. Who needs to blog or clean or cook or do laundry. So I decided to cure myself this weekend and I have shipped the kids to grandparents and am making myself NOT play webkinz....well except for when Thad and I played last night in the tournament arena!!!! I have done laundry, fixed a fantastic dinner and started on my cheerleading that is a walk down memory lane. Oh the uniforms, Oh the 80's hair and Oh the amazing pantyhose that we had to wear......I really did just type the word pantyhose!!! does anyone even wear those anymore?

Maybe if I can get my scanner to work I will share a few pix....or maybe just a cheer....

keep it up
keep it up
keep that warrior spirit up
keep it up!!!

I know.....right now you are thinking....that is amazing. save the cheerleader save the world. ha ha. Okay I am off to finish my senior year for Varsity Football and Basketball.