Friday, April 06, 2007

Wild Hogs?

Okay so we were not on hogs....but we toured the neighborhood last night on 3 bikes and a scooter. This was huge for noah who had not been on his bike since his "accident" last summer. He did great....fell off a couple of times like when he was trying to stop and get off. {He had this look, it was so funny, almost like I wanna break out into a huge smile but I don't want you to know that I am enjoying this.} Wish I had the camera. Sydnie rode her scooter the whole way, gotta work on her to ride her bike, she is too afraid of falling off. She was a little bored with stopping and going, waiting for noah, but she had a great time and wants to do it tonight. We have the best neighborhood, because there are so many places to ride with the kids in the middle of the street and feel safe. I am so glad that we have some nice weather right now and can be outside enjoying it and being a family. Have a great day..we are off to a field trip at the Oregon Gardens.