Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am actually a scrapbooker

no, seriously I am. I don't think I have ever posted on much work to scan them and stitch them....I would rather just look at them in the albums. but this weekend I did take the time and scan a few to share....these are some of my favorites from last year. You can see I need to work on stitching my photos together better...but at least you get the basic idea. I think it is funny that most of these layouts don't have any journaling on them. I have started hiding my journaling a lot so that you can focus on the pictures, which is great, because sometimes you just run out of stuff to say.....I am really itching to sit down and work on their albums again. To be honest with you....their albums are done for last year and I just printed jan/feb/march I am ready. Maybe after disneyland I can sit down...but then I will have about a billion photos to sort through and print to start that album. I have been working on an album of our dog which has been a nice break from the kids albums. Syd and noah kept begging me for an animal album to look at. Maybe I will post that later. Thanks for looking.


Teresa said...

You really have an awesome gift! Keep posting some examples and I will try to copy them HAHAHA :)