Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Formal Attire

so in preparation for a gag for a formal bridal SIL raided my old prom dresses (yes, my mom still has them all). I cannot believe that dresses from that generation are still around, but you gotta love the puffy sleeves and plunging neckline. You know what is even better........I used to actually fit in to that! and I thought I was fat in high school. Sydnie saw Jenn all dressed up and said "mom, she looks just like cinderella!" So to all the 80's prom dresses, big hair and lace gloves................we love ya. And to my SIL I hope you have the guts to walk into the "Formal" shower tonight and rock their worlds!!!!!!!!!! You have the best sense of humor and I love ya girl. I wish I could be there to support you with a gallon of hair spray and a crimper. Maybe you should bring a little Journey "open arms" along.....bring those 25 year olds back to the days of yesteryear. Were they even born then? Seriously have fun tonight...cannot wait to hear about the reactions.


buhtafly said...

thats great!! love the dress! I cant wait to hear about their reactions either! you better update!

imacootie said...

Hey! You better save that dress for Tadmor!! It's a flash back to prom night when we serve dinner this year!! =)