Sunday, April 22, 2007

Major Leaguer

Noah had his second game yesterday, the first one that I could go was so much fun to watch him run after the ball. He spent most of his time in the outfield first inning, playing with his hat and thad would move him around in the field to help him understand where to go and what to do. It was great....before this I was ready to never sign him up again, because he just goofed off during practice, but maybe he will grow to love it. Noah has the ability to be one of those rare baseball guys who can bat both sides. He is left handed and I am right.....since I taught him to hit he can do both, and he did yesterday. I love t-ball because they hit the ball and then stay there or run the wrong way or fight over who gets the ball when a grounder comes their way. Part of me does not want to be that mom that spends her springs running to practice and games and waiting by the phone for make up games.........but I also want noah to fall in love with baseball..there is something so american about it. Besides who can resist the cute little uniform.