Sunday, August 13, 2006

hello world

okay so i have been away from the computer for awhile..well that is not true i have just not posted for a long time. my DH has filling in at our church for the high school group and he has been monopolizing the computer. life has been fairly busy. just trying to enjoy the summer with the kids and be a family. i cannot believe that it is already the middle of august.

i have a secret to share.....everywhere i turn people are having babies or adopting babies and i want one. i want to feel the little chubby baby holding on, the sleep depravation, the first smile, the first food tasting. i want it all...but it is not in the plans for us. i will just have to take my fill of everyone else's babies for now and pray that God will take away this longing in my heart.

well maybe i don't want the sleep depravation because my almost 7 year old was awake half the night with an earache and i am super tired and emotional right now. maybe more coffee would help. enjoy the rest of the summer and hopefully will have something more to say when i am not a blubbering idiot.