Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So you know that moment where for the first time you sit down and have a real conversation with one of your kids. They are listening and responding like you are talking to a friend and you are thinking to yourself, wow when did this happen. I got to experience that last night. Seriously could not understand where my daughter had gone. It was one of the best moments of my life. To feel connected and it took our relationship to a whole new level. It had started earlier in the evening with my 6 year old telling me that I just don't understand what she is trying to tell me.....she stomped upstairs and slammed the door (enter mom, calm voice explaining it is okay to be mad, but not to slam doors). Then as the evening went on we were back on track, so when it was time to read books and go to bed I made extra time to sit and talk to Sydnie. Holy cow!!! It blew me away. She was telling me that she really enjoys talking to me like this, but she understands that life is busy and we just have stuff to do sometimes. Makes me realize how much time I actually spend doing other things, rather than sitting down and having a real conversation with my kids. Goal for this harder on building a future with my kids, one where we communicate and share together. So I guess that means I better stop blogging and go talk.