Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heart of Gold

Okay I just have to brag at how amazing my DD is. She can drive me absolutely crazy, but she has a heart of gold, which is why one of my nicknames for her is Goldie. So yesterday morning Dh took us to Starbucks to relax and enjoy some family time. As we were leaving I told the kids to pick up the coffee grounds (you know the ones to add to your flower beds or garden...free to anyone) so Thad picks up a bag and we head out the door. We are about 6 steps outside and Sydnie says "here mom I picked up a bag of coffee for ya." I turn around and notice a full bag of coffee beans, the kind you buy!!! I grab the bag and say oh honey you cannot take these, they are for sale. Run back into the store and notice 4 big construction guys at there table laughing so hard they were ready to fall on the floor. I smile and leave the store. Thad and I laughed the whole way home, which Sydnie was not happy about. Love that kid, always willing to help and wants to please me so much. She certainly has a heart of gold and the mind of a klepto!!!!


Anonymous said...

FUNNY!!!!! That really made me smile! She is a sweetheart!